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The Going Active Business Coach Series: Things I wish I’d known starting out

As a solo entrepreneur, keeping all your balls in the air is a full time job. Trying to find the time and the money for a business coach, to help you achieve your goals can seem like a place too far. However, the help a business coach can give you is invaluable. The Going Active blog was created to help all you wonderful, but frazzled solopreneurs out there. The articles on the blog were written by a business coach and are designed to help you on your journey. Think of it as having your own virtual coach.

So, back to hacks. They are quite the rage at the moment. Honestly, there are hacks for everything at the moment, maybe even hacks for hacks! Before we start, let’s define what a hack is. Simply put, a hack is a short quick idea or intervention to help you solve a problem, generate ideas, implement ideas or find resources when finances are scarce. Now that you know what it is, read on, to take advantage of some of the best hacks that my clients have generously shared with me.

You don’t have to implement all of these ideas at once (that would be impossible!) Look through the list, make a note of any tips that you want to try and schedule them in your calendar. Hacks are arranged by theme, to make it easier for you to jump right in. I am here to save you time after all!

Knowledge Hacks

Every successful business hinges on how well they know their customers. So make it a primary goal to get to know your customers, understand their needs and continue to provide the product or service they actually need.

1. Who is your ideal customer?

You need to know what customers you are trying to attract. With social media, these days it’s so easy to find out who they are. If you use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google or Instagram, the analytics will tell you a lot. Their age, gender and what area hits are coming from, just to name a few. Use this information to further refine and target both product or service messages.

Observation Hacks

Do you know anyone who always knows what’s going on? Chances are they are a great observer (either that or they are the world’s nosiest person!) Being observant is a powerful business tool and can put you ahead of your competitors.

1. Pay attention

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