Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Are you a solo entrepreneur or small business owner? Do you want to take your business to the next level? Then strategic planning is a must. Strategic planning gives you the clarity of vision that you need in order to become a market leader in your specific sector. So if a strategic planis the vision, then clearly articulated goals, actionable tasks and strategies are the things that vision needs to come to life.This article will walk you through the eight step process that will give you a road map to succeeding in your business.

1. What do you see?—Your Vision.

As the popular phrase says; “go big or go home”. When it comes to articulating your vision, you really do need to be bold. Your vision should excite you and frighten you in equal measure! As an entrepreneur or CEO you need to articulate a vision that will inspire your team. It should be clear enough for everyone to see where they fit in and what they can do to bring the vision to life. You move towards whatever you focus on, so getting the vision right is the first step. Ask yourself what your purpose is; what the purpose of the business is. Are you passionate about it? When you are done asking questions, write it down. Be clear, be bold, be inspirational and believe that you can do it!

2. How does this work again? Understand How Strategy Drives the Plan.

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